Frequently Asked Questions

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Will the end user license work on multiple machines?

It is common practice that people work on multiple machines: one at work, one at home and maybe even a laptop for travelling. Our end user license can be activated on a maximum of 3 machines given that the user name is identical. If the naming is slightly different for any reason, just let us know and we will find a way around it.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. It means that we will not bill you for the next period when your subscription is about to expire. There is no reimbursement in case you paid for a year and cancel half-way.

I am currently using PDF/Mergician. Will it continue to work?

Yes, PDF/Mergician will continue to work on your machine. However, the activation of new PDF/Mergician serials is no longer possible.

How can I upgrade my software to variaDoc 6.0?

You will need to install variaDoc 6.0, from here. You will also need a valid serial for variaDoc 6.0.

Can I use my PDF/Mergician project in variaDoc 6.0?

A PDF/Mergician project can be opened in variaDoc. However, after saving, it becomes a variaDoc project. A variaDoc project can not be opened in PDF/Mergician.

We have unused end user licenses. Can they be re-used?

You can no longer activate PDF/Mergician with these serials. For a discounted switch to variaDoc, contact

We need support, but we are still using PDF/Mergician. Can you help?

No, we do not support PDF/Mergician. We only support variaDoc.