About variaDoc

variaDoc offers the opportunity to create personalized mailings, reports, billing statements and much more, by merging data from a database into forms or other documents.
variaDoc can satisfy many business needs by using standard PDF forms and data from various types of data sources. Whether you want to create a simple personalized letter, are looking for a labor free billing solution or want to create personalized books on your website, variaDoc will help you accomplish it.
Here's is a brief overview of some of the unique features of variaDoc:
  • Merge data into PDF forms
Fill data from any source into standard PDF documents. Use existing forms (e.g. from the IRS), create new forms inside variaDoc, or create new forms using a wide variety of industry-strength authoring applications.
  • Generate flexible reports
Create reports from simple elements such as paragraphs, tables and images. All of them will be laid out automatically on as many pages as needed. Use a style mechanism similar to those found in word processors and stick to your company style using an existing stationery.
  • Collect filled-out forms
Besides merging, variaDoc also supports receiving filled-out forms (PDF or HTML). Submitted forms can trigger various actions such as updating a database, sending an email, or starting another merge project. All related settings are contained in a single merge project.
  • Use data from any source
variaDoc supports almost any database, spreadsheet or server, such as Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, XML, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Google and many more.
  • Easy editing
A WYSIWYG1 editor lets you select fields as you see them on the page. A built-in PDF editor enables you to edit your PDF templates directly from within variaDoc.
  • Formatting options
You can apply your own or built-in formatting to your numbers, currencies, dates and other type of data.
  • Various export methods
The output of your merge can be exported in different ways. It can be saved to disk, e-mailed as attachment, sent to printer, fax, browser, database, saved as PPML or even sent to multiple destinations.
  • Create complex PDF documents
You can define a merge that outputs a document for each individual, such as a customer. Each document could have a cover page containing customer data, followed by multiple order pages for that customer. Per order page you can have rows that correspond to order items.
  • Create secure mailings
You can sign any PDF document using industry standard digital certificates.
  • Deployment scenarios
A merge can run interactively, on your website, integrated with your .NET application or unattended.
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