Using input parameters

variaDoc offers the opportunity to use parameters in your project. This is especially useful when you want to use information from outside of your project, such as a database.
For instance, if you want to generate a customer sales report you need a way to identify the customer(like a number).
You can import such information into a merge project via input parameters.
To define a new parameter, select the top most item in the merge tree, the project. In the project properties on the right hand side of the screen you'll see the parameters that are currently defined(none if this is a new project).
Click New and enter the properties of the parameter. See dialog below.
Here you can set the name for the parameter, a description, default value and input mask, as well as specify the behaviour of the parameter with checkboxes.
Constant: Check Constant if this variable should always have a constant value(will not change during the merge and won't be available in unattended or web service mode).
Required: Check Required if this variable should always have a value at the start of a merge. If checked and running in interactive mode, the application will always prompt you at the start of a merge. If checked and the value is not provided in unattended or web service mode, an error is reported.
Prompt: Check Prompt in interactive mode if you want to enter the value for this parameter at the start of the merge.
Multiline: Check this if you want to enter a multiline value for this parameter. When checked, the Default value text box expands for multiline input.
Modifiable: Check this if you want to allow the value of this parameter to be modified using the Set Parameter(s) value node.
Click OK.
At the start of a merge these parameters are initialized to a certain value. From that point onward, any expression in the merge project can use that parameter.