Although data collection involves sending data and instructions across the network (typically Internet), following a few basic guidelines can help ensure their confidentiality and security.
Keep your Receiver Security Key secret
The Receiver Security key is an essential part of the security. Ensure that this key is kept in a safe place and distributed to as few people as possible.
When you're using the Web Service to generate and export your output documents, configure the Receiver Security key there and check the Read above settings from web.config in your merge projects, to share the key among all the needed projects.
Use secure HTTP as transport protocol.
When filled out data is submitted to the Form Receiver it is sent as plain text (as specified by the PDF instruction set). By using secure HTTP (HTTPS) you can ensure that if the transmission is intercepted, it cannot be read.
For extra security the Command node (used to run any Windows application) is not allowed in the Form Receiver.