Save to disk

Once a document has been merged you can save it to disk.
After you select this option a panel holding all settings specific to saving-to-disk becomes visible. See the following figure.
This is the simplest export method and requires just a few settings.
In the first field you have to appoint the folder where you want to save your document(s). If the folder does not exist yet, make sure to check the option "Create if not exists" so that variaDoc can create a folder for you.
In the second field, you can give your document(s) a name. If you want to run the merge multiple times, make sure to check the box "Overwrite existing files" in order to avoid errors.
Set the Base Folder property to $[PROJECTFOLDER]. PROJECTFOLDER is a built-in merge parameter that resolves to the path of the folder where the Merge Project file (.pmf) is stored.