This User Guide has been written so that those who need information quickly are able to find what they need. Here you will learn how to get started and how to work with the more advanced options in variaDoc.
The User Guide consists of 8 chapters which will help you learn more about the installation and use of variaDoc's basic and advanced procedures, as well as other options.

Chapter Overview:

Chapter 1 - Introduction

In this chapter you can read about variaDoc - what it is and what you can do with it. The first section gives a clear overview of the feature highlights of variaDoc. In the second section you can read more information about this guide, how to stay up to date and where to get more help if needed.

Chapter 2 - Requirements and Installation

In this chapter you can find information about the software requirements, installing, purchasing and activating variaDoc.

Chapter 3 - Concepts

In this section you can read more about the application, typical project structures, how to merge a project, and how to use it..

Chapter 4 - Tutorials

Tutorials offers information about sample projects you can work on before you start your own projects. These tutorials are supported with videos that you can find on

Chapter 5 - Basic working procedures

After the tutorials, you can learn more about variaDoc by starting with simple tasks. This chapter offers you a list of tasks you can perform in order to learn more about variaDoc.

Chapter 6 - Deployment options  

This final chapter describes the possible deployment options, such as the interactive option, web service, command line application and .NET assembly.
Now with the introduction out of the way, let's get started!