Command line application

This section explains how to deploy variaDoc as a command line application. This allows you to run variaDoc unattended. In addition to that, you can schedule it and integrate it with other applications.
For complete understanding of the command line application, start with reading through options available in the console application.

Command line options

The variaDoc console application provides the following command line options.
variadoc.exe <projectfile>
  [/P|/PARAM parameter=value]
  [/V|/VERBOSELEVEL <1|2|3|4>]
  [/L|/LOG <filename.log>]
Path of the variaDoc project file.
/P or /PARAM <parameter> <value>
Set the value of a merge parameter. Multiple /P or /PARAM switches are allowed. Group the parameter or the value with quotes if it contains spaces.
/RK or /RECEIVERKEY <value>
Set the receiver key. This value is used when the project file is a PDF form.
/WF or /WEBFOLDER <value>
Set the value of the $[WEBFOLDER] expression.
/V or /VERBOSELEVEL <level>
Output errors, warnings, informational and diagnostic messages.
0: No output
1: Errors
2: Errors and warnings
3: Errors, warnings and information (default)
4: Errors, warnings, information and diagnostics
/L or /LOG <filename.log>
Copy VERBOSE output to this file. Note that this will not disable output to the console.
/Q or /QUIET
Disable all output to the console.
/H or /HELP or /?
Shows this help.
If no options are provided, usage will be dumped.
Use double quotes to group options containing spaces.


variaDoc is usually installed in a user folder. If you want to run variaDoc from another account, possibly a non-user account, copy all required application files to a user-neutral folder. This is what the Server Deployment Wizard does for you. It is installed with variaDoc.
The Server Deployment Wizard is used to deploy all required files to a user specified folder on a local hard disk(for security reasons).
Start the Server Deployment Wizard by selecting variaDoc 6 > Server Deployment Wizard.
The Server Deployment Wizard displays.
Click Next.
Select Deploy as Command Line Application.
Click Next.
Enter or create a new folder where you want to deploy the application to. This folder must be on a local hard disk for security reasons. Also enter the computer name of the server. This computer name is used for activation.
Click Next.
Select Activate the product and enter the serial number for the server license or use the product in Evaluation mode.
You can retrieve your serial number by logging into your account at and navigating to the Dashboard.
Click Next.
After the product is deployed to the  folder, click Next and then click Finish.
You can now go to the folder you entered and run variadoc.exe.