Collecting data

Besides creating, filling and exporting forms, variaDoc allows you to collect and process data from filled-out forms. This enables you to easily setup digital work flows.


Collecting data always starts by creating a merge project that generates an output document. This output document typically contains a form with editable fields and a submit button. The output document is then transferred to the end user via one of the export methods.
Depending on your environment you can choose a standard output document for PDF forms or an HTML document for HTML5 forms. HTML documents are more suitable for mobile and mixed environments.

Create output document and export to end user.
Now the end user will fill out the form. Once the filling process is completed, the user will click on the submit button to send the filled out values back to you. These values are sent to the variaDoc Form Receiver. Once received, the Form Receiver will execute one or more actions specified in the originating merge project.

Send filled out form to Form Receiver.
The actions in the Form Receiver are usually configured to do the following:
  1. Validate the incoming data
  2. Save the incoming data
  3. Merge and other merge project to send back a "Thank you" document.