Mail merge

What is mail merge?

Mail merge is the automatic transfer of data, such as names and addresses, from a database to your business documents (such as invoices and emails) for dynamically generated personalized documents.

With variaDoc, mail merge can be reduced to just three simple steps. No matter how complex your project, variaDoc remains easy to use.

The benefits of using variaDoc

Mail merge saves time: businesses will only need to create one PDF template instead of hundreds, or even thousands. Based on the PDF template and details in the database(s), every line is automatically personalized, reducing time and cost. Secondly, mail merge prevents embarrassing manual errors.

mail merge email as attachment

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The trial version offers the full functionality of variaDoc and does not expire. The only difference between the licensed software is a watermark on the resulting output.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows and .NET 4.0 framework.

Mail merge with attachment

Mail merge with attachment is a selected distribution method. By using mail merge, you can generate many unique documents and save in a way that suits your business, whether that’s

  • Print
  • Save to database
  • PPML
  • Save to disk
  • Email as attachement

The additional bonus of using using mail merge with attachment is that generated personalized documents will be sent to your customers as an attachment with a personalized email message.

Essentially, not only will the attached document be highly personalized, your customers will see their name and invoice numbers included in the text of the email — all pre-generated by variaDoc.

Why choose variaDoc?

Documents are variaDoc’s specialty, with many years of experience in the industry: we have translated this experience into easy-to-use, effective product—which is why R.N.D. chose variadoc — and you should, too!

A small selection of our customers reasons for choosing variaDoc

This is the only product you will find that easily lets you use SQL Server Queries to obtain data that would pre-populate various Enrolment Form Packages, Tax Returns and so on.

A great product for merging pdf forms with variable input.

variaDoc was the most powerful solution we found for variable documents, allowing us pixel-perfect control over our presentations as well as delivering variable data marketing materials.

The whole logic and tree-based hierarchy makes total sense to users and database developers such as myself

Good support — questions answered promptly and thoroughly, even though they were transatlantic. Our suggestions of changes for improvement were taken into consideration for future product upgrades.