Database publishing software

What is database publishing?

Database publishing allows users to take source data from programs such as Excel or SQL and use them to automatically fill in PDF documents using a template document. It works in a similar way to mail merge and variable data printing, saving businesses time and money.

How does database publishing work?

The process is simple: our database publishing software will take your PDF template and automatically fill it with source data from your databases. Prior to publishing, you can choose to customize which data to add to the various form fields.

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Using database publishing, variaDoc allows you to create a great number of personalized documents using your database automatically, and even automates distribution through email attachments with a personalized message.

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Why use database publishing?

Using database publishing represents a significant saving in both time and cost, removing the need for laborious manual form filling and the inevitable costs of human error. Our customers report that variaDoc has led to a significant reduction in cost and time expenditure, often as much as 90%—allowing staff to focus on other productive business goals.

Database publishing is an effective solution for those who need to automatically generate reports, invoices and compliance forms, and can also help direct marketers to effectively reach their target audiences.

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Why variaDoc?

With variaDoc, you can save time on money on complicated, company-wide processes with an easy-to-use tool that integrates seamlessly with your current system software. The only limit to variaDoc’s uses is your own imagination!

You can use variaDoc in just three steps:

  1. Add your database to variaDoc: variaDoc accepts all common database files
  2. Create your templates: use existing documents as templates or create new templates to fit your needs
  3. Connect the database and template: variaDoc’s simple commands allow you to customize the completion of the documents you need to create

Supported databases

Possible databases for database publishing