Document automation from data to delivery

variaDoc is an easy-to-use, wicked flexible and affordable solution.

Visual editor

You don't need great technical experience to use variaDoc. Our visual editor helps connecting your data to your templates and auto-deliver your documents.

visual editor

Database publishing

Drive your document generation from various data sources such as Excel, Access, SQL, Oracle and XML files.

Watch how to merge data with forms

mysql oracle sql xml access excel

Merge data with forms

Perform variable data printing by mapping your data to PDF forms. Connect individual form fields to data fields in your database or data file.

Watch how to bind data to fields

bind field to data

Auto-deliver output

Auto-deliver generated documents. Export options include save-to-disk, print, email as attachment, save to database or PPML.

auto deliver output

Mail merge with attachments

Send customized emails to your customers and attach dynamically generated documents such as invoices or contracts.

Watch how to email as attachment

email as attachment

Digital signatures

Digitally sign your documents to proof authenticity and integrity to the receiver.

digitally sign document

Command line

The command line interface allows you to run variaDoc unattended, install it as a service, schedule it and integrate it with other applications.

Watch how to run from the command line

run from the command line

Web service

The web service interface allows you to invoke variaDoc and pass input parameters through a HTTP GET or POST.

Watch how to integrate with IIS

run from the browser

Send and collect forms

Build a complete workflow starting with sending out pre-filled forms and collecting the submitted data for further processing.

send and collect forms